Short desciption

This will be a object oriented wrapper written in C++ that provides realtime functionalty for the linux os. Here follows a list of objects that will be created: Task, Event, Mutex, Condition, Semaphore, Tunnel, Channel, Message, ...

Communication between threads

Pipe, Channel

Direct communication:
The sending thread sends a message to a known thread. The sending thread knows for sure that the receiving threads gets the message.
Indirecte communicatie: The sending thread sends a message. The message will be received by another thread, but the seding thread don't know who takes the message.
Synchrone communicatie: A thread locks on a specified point in the code. The thread will be unlocked by another thread. Hereby the two threads will be sychronized at that place.
Asynchrone communicatie: A thread sends a message en goes further with execution of his task. An other thread get the message on a time. The two thread are not synchronized.

Project information

This project will be done from september till december 2002. It is a school project from the HSZuyd (Heerlen). Further information can be found at the sourceforge site:

Sourceforge pojectpage:
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